Father and son were selling drugs when son was fatally shot, affidavit says

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - New details from police indicate that the man charged with obstruction in his son's death discarded a large amount of marijuana and lied to officers after leaving his dying son in the care of firefighters.

An affidavit released by the Charleston Police Department on Thursday said that 49-year-old Kennedy Smith fled the St. Andrews Fire Department on foot immediately after arriving with his mortally wounded son, 25-year-old James Javon Smith.

Police spotted Smith running towards Wapoo Road, away from the station, and a brief foot chase ensued.

During the chase police saw Smith discard a large ziplock bag containing 23 baggies of marijuana.  When stopped, Smith told police, "My son was shot at the fire station."

During subsequent interviews with detectives, Smith said that he picked his son up from an Amoco Gas Station and drove him to 1339 St. Clair Drive under his son's direction.

Smith said he didn't know why his son would want to go there.  Smith also told detectives that he left the scene "to clear his head."  Smith then told police that he didn't know who shot his son but suggested being hypnotized to help his recollection of the events that transpired.

Witnesses told police that the elder Smith picked up his son from his residence, not a gas station.  They also told police that James Javon Smith was known to be carrying several baggies of marijuana on the day of the murder, and that they had accompanied the 25-year-old to several sales on St. Clair Drive in the past.

Witnesses went on to say that they called James on his cell phone around 4 p.m. Tuesday.  He told them that he was riding with his father to make a "sale in the Forest."

Kennedy Smith received a $100,000 bond on Thursday for obstruction of justice charges.

Detectives say they determined on Wednesday that Kennedy Smith attempted to hinder or impeded the murder investigation by concealing information about the incident.

Smith was also arrested by the Charleston County Sheriff's Office Tuesday night for possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

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