Group looks to bring positive attention to Pit Bull breed

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A newly formed group in Myrtle Beach is working to combat the stereotypes of a particular breed of dog, and getting a little exercise while doing it.

Several recent dog attacks across the region have sparked concern with owners of Pit Bulls and other "bully" breeds as they say isolated incidents are not reason for judging the entire breed.

Myrtle Beach Area Bully Walk was recently assembled by bully breed owners to educate Horry County about the Pit Bull breed through walks and education, as stated on their Facebook page.

The group's first walk will be Sat. March 5 beginning at 11 a.m. at Grand Park in Market Common. The public is invited to attend. The walk will last for one hour and is meant to be a display of what some may assume to be dangerous dogs playing, walking, and enjoying the park with proud and responsible owners.

Tony Hampton, group member and helper in organizing the walks, says the event is not just for owners of Pit Bulls, but rather for all dog owners.

"Our purpose is to go out and bring all dog owners together, not just bully breed lovers. All dogs are welcome," explains Hampton during his live interview with WMBF News Thursday.

Despite common belief that bully breeds are more apt to attack or turn on owners, Hampton says it's not the dog, the responsibility comes back on the owner.

"The most important part of being a dog owner, is being a responsible dog owner. And, that's in training your dog to do the right thing," says Hampton.

For more information on the group and upcoming events, check out their Facebook page.

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