CA school replaces textbooks with iPads

SAN JOAQUIN, CA (CBS) - A California college is planning to go paperless and replace note pads and books with iPads for students.

60 students at the Teachers College of San Joaquin will soon be using iPads equipped with virtual textbooks.

"We think it's really important to be innovative and have our research be just in time," College Dean Catherine Kearney said.

Administrators said this move will save almost $35,000 a year and reduce paper use by more than 90 percent.

"By eliminating printing we eliminated the cost of printing, and now instead we're able to give them an iPad," Kearney said.

Scott Beiderman teaches a grant writing class which requires a new text book every year.

"I'm excited, I think to be part of something so new innovative and one of only colleges doing this, shows that we're progressive," Beiderman said.

Every student at the college is a teacher and most working towards graduate degrees.

The hope is teachers will not only use iPads while studying, but also bring the portable learning tools to class and share with students.

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