Suspects identified in Mexican jet ski shooting

DALLAS (CBS) - Five months after David Hartley was shot to death while jet skiing with his wife, authorities in Texas said they have finally identified suspects in his murder.

"I believe there were about seven or eight shooters," said Zapata County Sheriff Sigi Gonzalez. "We've identified four of these individuals."

Hartley was skiing with his wife Tiffany Hartley on the Mexican side of Falcon Lake at the time of the shooting. His body has not yet been found.

The search by Mexican authorities was called off after the lead investigator was beheaded in an apparent warning by drug cartel enforcers.

"This gives us hope that we will have justice," Tiffany Hartley said.

Gonzalez has not named the suspects in the case. He claims they're members of the Zeta drug cartel who travel across the border to the U.S. frequently.

Gonzalez said he's confident the information will lead to arrests and justice for Tiffany and David Hartley.

David Hartley's family, along with Tiffany Hartley, criticized the Mexican government in the days after the shooting, claiming they weren't doing enough to find his killers or his body.

"Please, just negotiate this," said Pam Hartley, David's mom. "We want David home."

Gonzalez said in recent months U.S. and Mexican authorities seemed to have lost interest in the case.

"Other than what we're doing locally, we don't know of any other … state or federal agency doing anything else," Gonzalez said.

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