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SMART Boards for Business. Collaborate. Innovate.
SMART Boards for Business. Collaborate. Innovate.

Why choose SMART?

Ease of use - Smart products are designed with the user in mind. They are highly intuitive and easy to use, so teams can quickly incorporate them into collaborative meetings.

Interactivity - Team members can control applications with a simple touch and write over applications in digital ink, so collaboration is highly visual and interactive.

Distance collaboration solutions - You can share content on your desktops of displays and write notes in digital ink for everyone to see.

Leadership - SMART is the global leader in the interactive whiteboard product category.

Innovation - SMART created the interactive whiteboard in 1991 and continues to provide innovative products that improve productivity and enhance collaboration.

Support - SMART solutions include world class customer service and technical support. Our extensive global network offers excellent support.

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