Mechanics debunk myths about saving money on gas

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Drivers say they're driving less or even carpooling to work to save money on gas. But they're also trying store bought products to increase fuel efficiency.

"Using a fuel injection treatment over time, say every 50-60,000 miles is a good benchmark to help provide your fuel supply with a conditioner that can help prevent any issues you have in the future," Service manager of Gerald's Tires and Brakes Brian Bogstad said.

Bogstad says the cleaner helps remove any sedimentary material that could affect your engine.

Ashley Buenting says she heard that tire pressure makes a difference,"I put air in my tires. Make sure I have the right amount in there and I don't go to as many places."

"If you're riding on low air pressure it increases the number of revolutions a tire has to make to carry you down the road and it puts more of a strain on any system," Bogstad said.

Some drivers say to save money they're only putting a little bit of gas in their tanks. One person put less than six gallons in for $20. Auto mechanics say that if you only put a little bit of gas in your tank that may not be good for your car and may not save you money in the long run.

"If you let it track to a quarter tank of less in between fill ups you can have an issue with sediment that will naturally collect on the bottom of your gas tank. That will track through your fuel supply and cause issues with your fuel injection," Bogstad said.

Ivan Evans says he keeps his tank above the halfway point, and he says he is not driving as much until gas prices come back down.

"Yeah it's very depressing. It's hard to save money now. It's hard enough as it is," Evans said.

Some other myths the experts say do not work are turning off the air conditioner and turning off the engine when you're stuck in traffic. Both have minimal effect on saving fuel.

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