Town: Strip club denied license due to sewer, sign violation

HOLLYWOOD, SC (WCSC) - The Town of Hollywood says they denied the license for a strip club because sewer service is no longer available at the planned location.

The club called Pinky's, is located on Highway 17 and was supposed to open last month. Town officials say the club was denied a business license because sewer services were no longer available at the proposed location and the club illegally posted signs without a permit.

The owner says the town broke the law when he wasn't allowed to open his club.

"I want to operate as a gentlemen's club and adult retail store, side-by-side in two separate units," said club owner Mark White.

White says that officials broke the law by first approving the zoning for his businesses and then disapproving it, telling him he had to go before the planning commission to get zoning approval.

When White went before the planning commission, he said the panel rejected his drawings for parking plans on the property. White then hired attorney Thomas Goldstein. He has filed suit against the town.

In a written statement town officials say, "The town will continue to enforce its ordinances and protect the rights of its citizens in court when necessary."

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