The dangers of leaving a child in a car alone

MONKS CORNER, SC (WCSC) - Dan Moon, with the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office, says the act of leaving a child in a car alone to run an errand may seem very harmless, but it could turn out to be very harmful.

"You got to worry about the child putting the car into drive or hitting the transmission and not knowing what they are doing," Moon said.

A recent string of arrests has sparked discussion of why parents are leaving their children unattended.

"Its completely stupid. Don't have a kid if you don't want to take them into the store with you or anywhere," said parent Jared Douthit.

Moon says seconds is all it takes for something to go terribly wrong.

"A car could heat up in a hurry say even on a moderate day say its in the mid 80's it does not take long to get up in the 90's or above," Moon said.

He says leaving a car running could be just as bad.

"If you leave a car running if there is a leak or exhaust its coming right into a car,"Moon said.

"I think its unsafe you never know who's watching who could get into your car or they can get out and get run over," said parent Chirstina Gandolfo.

Moon says the other obvious dangers to leaving a child alone is that they could be taken.

"You don't want a 10 year old trying to fight off someone if they are trying to take them," Doutiht said.

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