Schools feeling the pinch of the pump

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - More than just commuters are feeling the pain at the pump. Local organizations who rely on gas to do business are suffering as well.

Some organizations say they may have to start cutting back to make up for paying high gas prices. Prices are as high as $3.40 in Charleston and that's really taking a toll on private schools who offer after school programs.

Riverbend Christian Academy has a 30 passenger bus that picks up kids from different public schools and brings them back to the academy for day care.

Presently, the school charges parents a small fee. But Assistant Principal Kathy Jones says that fee may have to go up next year or the program may be cut all together.

"We have to ask ourselves, is this cost effective? What do our parents pay? If not, what are their options?" Jones said."It does affect our bottom line, we do try to keep our costs down for parents to make it affordable."

Right now, the academy says they're paying about 30 dollars extra per week. But they're only expecting that cost to rise.

Jones says they're going to keep the current prices for the after school care through the end of the year to keep the price affordable for parents.

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