Local teachers react to "pay for performance" bill

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A bill that has already passed in the South Carolina House of Representatives has some teachers worried about their paychecks.

If passed, bill No. H3715 would replace automatic annual pay raises for teachers with a new compensation plan. The bill would also let districts decide whether to give teachers pay raises every year.

Some teachers like Kent Riddle at Angel Oak Elementary on John's Island are against the bill.

"Lots of factors go into a child's performance and teachers shouldn't be the only ones held accountable," Riddle said.

At the same time, other local teachers agree with the bill.

"I feel like some teachers are scared to be accountable for their test scores," said North Charleston Elementary School teacher Mike Carey. "Excuses I've heard are my kids a bad test taker. As a teacher your job is to motivate your students to do their best on tests."

The bill is now being heard in a Senate committee. A group of teachers through the Department of Education will choose how teachers are evaluated. South Carolinians will not know the process until the bill passes and the committee gets to work.

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