Teen accused of sexually assaulting classmate, charged with indecent exposure in Goose Creek

Source: Google Maps
Source: Google Maps

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - A student at Stratford High School is facing an indecent exposure charge stemming from an incident in February. The same teen was also accused of making sexual advances at a female classmate earlier this week.

The Goose Creek Police Department opened its most recent investigation at the school located on Crowfield Boulevard after receiving reports from the student's father that she was sexually assaulted in a classroom.

The teen has been charged with indecent exposure for an incident which happened in February, when police say he exposed himself to two female students in a classroom.

The teen was arrested and released to the custody of his guardians. The charge will be referred to Berkeley County family court.

In a seperate incident this week, a female student told police that a 16-year-old male, the above suspect, took her cell phone on Monday and began looking for pictures on the phone. When the victim asked the teen what he was doing, he told her he was looking for nude photos of her. 

When the victim demanded that he return the phone, she said he stuck the phone inside the front of her shirt and then removed her breast from her bra and proceeded to put it in his mouth.

The victim said she quickly shoved him away and the class bell rang. She also said the suspect then sent her text messages asking for nude photos.

The next day in the same classroom, the female victim told police that the suspect continually harassed her and asked for oral sex. She said that these incidents always occurred in the rear of the classroom where no witnesses, including the teacher, would have noticed what was going on.

The investigating officer went into the classroom and noticed that the students' seating area was obscured by "high office-type barriers that stood at least 6-feet high," which obscured the area where students were seated.

The victim told investigators that she didn't report the incidents sooner because she feared retaliation from the suspect, who had previously told her that he knew she walked home daily.

When police approached the suspect, he confessed to touching the victim inappropriately and asking her to perform oral sex. He also admitted to grabbing her breast, but told police that the victim had willingly allowed him to do so by pulling it out. He said when she told him to stop, he stopped. He admitted to saying that he would like to have sex with the victim and also requesting nude photographs of the victim, police said.

He then told police that on Tuesday the victim sat on top of his lap in the presence of a witness and that the victim had previously grabbed his privates and slapped him on the behind while in the same class.

The victim and her parents declined to seek charges in that case, police said.

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