Traffic accident leads to drug, weapon charges

Bradley Scott Hughes and David Bernard Taylor Jr.
Bradley Scott Hughes and David Bernard Taylor Jr.

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - Police arrested two men after they were found with drugs following a traffic accident in Goose Creek.

The Goose Creek Police Department arrested 25-year-old Bradley Scott Hughes and 40-year-old David Bernard Taylor Jr. for drug charges. It all started Thursday morning when officers arrived at the Middle Earth Nursery on Highway 52 in reference to a motor vehicle collision.

According to investigators, a woman was driving her jeep when a Chevy Lumina driven by Hughes changed lanes and struck her. When officers arrived, the woman told them that the driver and passenger of the Lumina were trying to clean things up in their car and appeared to be hiding things.

Police say they then met with Hughes, noticed the smell of alcohol on him and saw that his eyes were glassy. Hughes said that the accident was his fault and misjudged the distance when changing lanes.

When an officer asked Hughes if he had been drinking he said that he had one drink. Following field sobriety tests, Hughes was arrested for DUI. Authorities say when Hughes was searched, a small baggy of white powdery substance was found that Hughes said was "coke."

Authorities say when they woke the passenger, Taylor, officers noticed that he seemed lethargic and zoned out.  After obtaining a search warrant, authorities discovered two rifles in the vehicle and charged Hughes with felon in possession of firearm.

According to a police report, a stolen Garmin GPS was also found in the trunk. Police say they also found a narcotic when Taylor was searched. Taylor was charged with public intoxication and schedule IV narcotics.

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