Students use simulators before going out into hospitals

By Chandi Lowry - bio | email

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Nursing students in the Grand Strand are getting the chance to work with cutting edge technology designed to teach them how to treat you.

Horry Georgetown Technical College is leading the state when it comes to giving its students hands on experience using simulators or mannequins to practice their techniques.

The mannequins can do everything a person can do, for example they can blink their eyes, cry, bleed, and breathe.

They even give nursing students unexpected challenges, obstacles meant to remind them anything can happen in an emergency room like seizures.

Instructors get behind computers and control the mannequins.

Students said they like the challenge along with the freedom of being able to master their patient assessments by using them.

"We are lucky to have such a wonderful program here at Horry Georgetown Tech and lucky to have all of these great mannequins to work on, " said Tina Bogiages, who is a student.

HGTC is collaborating with several other colleges in the state to make sure all nursing students have access to simulators.

The Dean of Allied Health Business and Tourism, Phil Render, said Governor Nikki Haley's initiative is to not just combine resources in the state, but also instruction.

He said, "It's so important during these times of economic depravity that two and four year and even graduate schools can cooperate to further the education of South Carolina's young people."

The college is an example of leading the way in technology and education with the most wireless simulators in the state, which cost approximately $80,000 each.

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