Men found safe after 2 days in blizzard

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (CBS) - Two men on snowmobiles hit the Lake Creek Trailhead on Sunday morning, but never made it home that night. The men had only snacks and the clothes on their backs.

Brock Besner,27, and his friend and co-worker, 24-year-old Craig Dellasandro, were rescued from the mountains Tuesday evening after spending two nights stranded in the snow.

On Monday, Wasatch County Sheriff Todd Bonner led the rescue effort, but then called it off due to heavy snow. On Tuesday, under clear skies, 20 rescuers set off on snowmobiles while the Department of Public Safety helicopter aided the search from the air.

The sheriff told family members the search would not go into a third day. Soon after, the Life Flight medical helicopter spotted the men who had run out of gasoline, built a makeshift shelter and started a fire to keep warm.

They were briefly checked out in an ambulance then released. The two men were whisked off by family members.

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