Cause of millions of dead fish a mystery

LOS ANGELES (CBS) - The death of millions of little fish in southern California is a big mystery, and has left a smelly mess to clean up.

The fish were so thick in the water it almost looked like you could walk on them.

More than a million sardines clogged King Harbor in Redondo Beach, according to California Fish and Game, and all of them are dead. How they died is something of a mystery.

"In parts of the harbor, it appears to be 12 to 18 inches of dead fish," said Redondo Beach City Manager Bill Workman. "In some places, the fish were so dense, boats could not get out of the harbor."

Local officials said there is no trace of an oil or chemical spill. Instead, they think the fish were washed into the harbor by rough weather and high winds, and quickly used up all the oxygen in the water.

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