2 Charleston coworkers split $250,000 winning lottery ticket

COLUMBIA, SC (WCSC) – Two coworkers in Charleston spent Tuesday night on the phone discussing a Mega Millions ticket.  After numerous phone calls between their two houses, they finally hung up convinced they won $250,000.

"I looked at the ticket and ran screaming into the bedroom to tell my wife. I could hardly breathe and was a little light-headed," said one of the winners.  "I managed to call the guy I bought the ticket with to tell him we won the Lottery."

The ticket matched all five white ball numbers, but missed the gold Megaball for the March 15 drawing. The winning numbers were 10, 11, 12, 28 and 43. The megaball was 45 and the megaplier was 4.

"I thought he had gone mad," said the winner on the other end of the line.  "I had a copy of the ticket, so I ran downstairs turning my computer on and the TV on, just trying to find some numbers, somewhere, to check."

"It was still the best $2.50 I ever spent," said the winner who split the cost of the $5 ticket containing five sets of numbers.

"I can't believe we missed winning the jackpot by one number," said the other.  "If we had won the $172 million jackpot, I'd called in rich."

The two winners and their wives, who did not want to share their names, are looking forward to dinner at a nice restaurant.  Both couples plan to pay off some expenses, give to the church and take a mini vacation.

"It has been one thing after another, and the other day my wife remarked something has to break our way soon," said the winner.  "I can breathe a little easier now."

Now that the prize has been paid, Hess Mart in Goose Creek has received $2,500, a 1 percent retailer commission.

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