Lowcountry drivers wish for gas prices of 20 years ago

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Gas costs an average of $3.40 a gallon statewide. That's come down two cents from two days ago according to AAA.

But care to guess what we paid for petrol a little over 20 years ago? How about $1.19 a gallon.

With the iPad and a youtube link to some old Live 5 News stories on gas prices, we showed drivers the cost of gas back then.

"I sure like this $1.87. It looks pretty good. I like it," Marion Frasier said.

"Went to $2, we thought that was high, now look at it. I don't know what our kids are going to do. I hope we find other ways to fuel our vehicles," Nancy Caldwell said.

Back in 2004 there were Live 5 News reports on high gas prices back then, at just $1.87 for a gallon of unleaded.  An earlier report from 1990 shows gas at $1.19 a gallon.

"That would be amazing as of right now. I could totally fit that in budget," Joseph Whittle said.

But right now AAA says the average in South Carolina is up to $3.40, up 43 cents from a month ago. A report says driving costs are up because of unrest in Northern Africa and the Middle East.

"I think it impacts people too much. I think it puts the price of all the products we buy up. I think it's just bad for our economy," Caldwell said.

"They're ridiculous. They're going crazy right now," Frasier said.

As drivers search for ways to stretch their pennies at the pump, a Vgo gas station on Savannah Highway has converted a pump into ethanol free gasoline. The owner says using it in your engines could have its benefits.

"The e-10 gasoline, if you get 20 miles per gallon, with the conventional gas you get 25 miles per gallon, so roughly about 25 percent more mileage per gallon," Vgo manager Dev Patel said.

Drivers say at this point they can only wish for gas prices to be what they were 20 years ago.

"If gas prices were back at these levels, what could you do? A lot of road trips. California, all the way," Whittle said.

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