Website tracks speed traps

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - For anyone who lives in the Carolina Forest area, you're probably familiar with the speed trap on River Oaks Drive by the Food Lion. And it's in this location that the South Carolina Highway Patrol typically sits, running radar and looking for reckless drivers. Now, there's a new website that gives us insight on where to find them.

When you see a police officer or trooper in your rear view mirror, it's too late.

"You get that sunk feeling and you go, 'I hope that's not me this time, I hope it's not my number,'" says Myrtle Beach resident Rich Trio.

For drivers like Marie Goff, she knows all too well about the hot spots troopers watch in Carolina Forest. "There's like a little dirt road there or something and he just sits there."

The website,, is putting the power of knowledge in the driver's seat, allowing anyone to post speed traps in every state and in more than 140 cities in South Carolina.

Rich Trio says he's not only heard of the website, he's posted on it.

"It's important to understand that we want to drive responsibly and drive the speed limit, I think that going down from 45 mph to 35 mph in a drastic measure is very difficult for people."

And drivers tell WMBF there's another problem spot in the Carolina Forest area. They say it's tricky coming off of Highway 31 onto International Drive because it drops down from 65 mph to 35 mph within just a matter of a couple of hundred feet.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol Spokesperson Sonny Collins says a high number of accidents and impaired drivers land certain highways on their radar. Collins says if this website makes drivers more alert, they're ok with it.

"When you drive through these areas, people may slow down even more and in a strange way and may not be the website's desire, but it's what we need, to keep the roadways safer."

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