Student uses Facebook to thwart home invasion

ATLANTA (CNN) - A college student used Facebook to get help after crooks broke into his family's home.

"I said someone please call 911, no phone, hiding in my house, robbery," Nitesh Bhakta posted during the invasion.

Masked gunmen were in his home Wednesday night, and his best friend immediately responded.

"He messaged me, 'Are you joking?' I said, 'No, please do it,'" Bhakta said.

His best friend called police, and sheriff's deputies arrived and arrested one of the suspects while two, possibly three, others got away.

The University of Georgia student was in bed when the ordeal began, so he grabbed his laptop and ran to the attic and hid.

The armed masked men had tied up his 17-year-old sister and his grandmother.

The men scattered as soon as police arrived.

"Facebook was like the only thing where I knew I could reach someone instantly that was on chat," Bhakta said.

The sheriff said the intruders left behind enough evidence that he believes they will be caught.

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