One stop shop for gun permit and haircut

LOUSVILLE, KY (CNN) - Gun permits and haircuts don't seem to go together, but barbershop in Kentucky is offering a one-stop shop for both.

The owner said he knows it's a hair-raising offer, but he wanted to educate folks about gun rights.

"What matters is my freedom," Bruce Gooden, Owner of Okolona Barber Shop, said.

Most barbers would say that some topics are off-limits, like politics and religion, but once you walk into Okolona Barber Shop and sit in Gooden's chair, you're likely to get an earful about his passion, guns and gun rights.

"We was born free and I just want to stay free," he said.

Shortly after 9/11, he decided to take his message to his clientele by selling T-shirts and hats with a gun logo.

"We are the safest barber shop in town, cause everybody here has a conceal carry permit," Gooden said.

He said he's received some funny looks when trying to explain the catch phrase.

"Customer said the other day somebody asked him what his T-shirt meant and he said, well, just go in there and try to rob them and you'll find out," he said.

Gooden, who has been at the shop for 16 years, has raised eyebrows in recent years when he's given away an AR 15 and an AK 47 as part of a barber shop giveaway.

He also holds gun permit training classes every two weeks that are taught right inside the barber shop.

They attract roughly 25 people per session, last one day, and just under half of the participants are women.

Gooden said some people don't like being in the cross hairs of one of his discussions.

"I just distract him. We talk about motorcycles a lot," customer Bryan Capp said.

But Gooden said his loyal client base keeps coming back, even a few that aren't there for a haircut.

"We the people need to take our government back and that's the bottom line."

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