Doctor: Imperfections OK in newborns

(CNN) - Babies may look picture perfect in the movies, but the ones that come home from the hospital often have harmless flaws that can be a little unsightly.

First-time parents often find their newborns arrive with little imperfections that are quite startling, but most are perfectly normal and usually go away in a few months.

Baby Tate, who is only 1 month old, had what people normally see on teenagers: acne. But it's common in newborns and should clear up in a few months.

Baby Elliott was born a little cross-eyed, but once the muscles around his eyes strengthened, he should be fine.

Ten-month-old Dean still has a little baby dandruff, called cradle cap, that usually goes away on its own.

Parents should not be disappointed if their baby doesn't come out looking exactly how they expected. Be patient and your baby will be perfect in no time.

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