NAACP concerned about principal change at Lowcountry school

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The NAACP says they are concerned about taking the principal at Burke High School and putting him at North Charleston High.

"When I saw it, I said,'It's like the Mcrib.' Let's try a Mcrib and see if that works and if it doesn't work who suffers for it but the children," says Dot Scott president of the NAACP in Charleston.

"It seems that for whatever reason, decisions that are being made are not for the best interest of the children. It seems to be more what's good for the district," Scott adds.

The plan is to move current Burke High School Principal Charles Benton to North Charleston High to act as an interim principle.

Then a nation wide search will be conducted to find a permanent principal at the school. But according to the NAACP having a nation wide search is simply a waste of time.

"I think what we're thinking about is we are going to get a new principal at North Charleston High, but it won't look like us, it won't look African American," Scott says and also thinks changes should be made at the top.

"While we are talking about changing all these principals, maybe we need to move up to the district to look at what else needs to be changed," Scott says.

Information from the Charleston County School District stated that North Charleston High has been rated at risk since 2003 on the state report card. Last year its graduation rate was 42 percent.

Burke high school has seen moderate improvement moving to below average in 2008 and 2009, and in 2010 dropped to at risk.

"At the end of the day our children suffer from those kinds of changes that does for the district rather than does for the kids," Scott says.

As for Juanita Middleton, the current principal at North Charleston High, will be pursuing a position in early childhood education and assisting with an Early Head Start grant and program.

The NAACP will be holding a town meeting at Morris Brown AME church on March 24 at 6:30 p.m

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