Report: Sheriff's wife attacks secretary in moving car, threatens to 'take her down'

WALTERBORO, SC (WCSC) - Authorities say Colleton County Sheriff George Malone's wife is accused of attacking the sheriff's secretary while holding onto the victim's moving car.

The victim told police she was talking to Sheriff Malone in a restaurant parking lot around 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, when the sheriff's wife, Pamela Malone, pulled up.

Pamela Malone told authorities that as she was driving by Arby's, she saw her husband and his secretary parked behind Arby's. Malone said she then turned around and went back to the restaurant.

According to the victim, Sheriff Malone and his wife got into a verbal altercation and the sheriff then got into his vehicle and left.

Pamela Malone told police that she heard the secretary say, "I'll see you back at the office" in a sarcastic way to the sheriff. Malone also said that the secretary told her she was crazy.

Pamela Malone then tried to assault the victim, according to the incident report.

A police report states that as the victim slowly proceeded to pull off from the parking lot, Pamela Malone suddenly ran to the victim's vehicle and attempted to assault her through the open driver's side window.

The victim said that out of fear of being assaulted by the woman, she kept her vehicle moving.  Pamela Malone then grabbed a hold of the driver and door and held on while continuously trying to striker her, the victim said.

According to authorities, the victim kept moving and Malone started yelling that she was going to take the victim down. The sheriff's office report states that the victim told deputies that she begged Malone to let go of the door, but Malone said she was not going to let go and kept yelling she was going to "Take her down."

A report states that the victim pulled into a driveway next to a different restaurant, where she hit a hump and Malone lost her grip and fell in the driveway.

The victim said she heard Malone yelling, "My leg."

The Walterboro Police Department say they spoke to Pamela Malone and that she gave a different story in the confrontation.

Pamela Malone said that as she ran over to the secretary's car, the secretary rolled up the window so that both of Malone's hands were stuck. Malone says that the secretary then drove off and proceeded to drag her.

According to Malone, the car hit a bump at which time Malone fell off with her left leg being run over by the car.

Malone was transported to MUSC as a result of the injuries sustained during the incident. No charges have been filed. So far, Sheriff Malone has declined to comment.

Colleton County Solicitor Duffie Stone released an official statement on Thursday, "Because the incident involves an elected official and the employee of a law enforcement agency, I have asked that the investigation be handed over to the State Law Enforcement Division."

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