Allergy sufferers buzzing over local honey

By Gavin Johnson - bio |email

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Coughing, sneezing, and runny eyes those symptoms may sound like a commercial for cough medicine, but for millions of people that's what they battle during pollen season.

Many allergy suffers are flocking to produce stands, buying local honey.

"During pollen season, the people buying local honey goes up at least 20 percent," said Jerry Robinson, owner of Robinson Produce.  "They buy it because of home remedies like it helps with sinuses."

Does honey really work? Or is it just a wives tale stringing people who believe in it.

"If you eat honey that's grown locally, I do believe it'll help you with your allergies," said Dr. James DiMuzio with Carolina Ear Nose & Throat in Whiteville.

In fact DiMuzio says, eating local honey is the equivalent to getting an allergy shot.

"If you eat honey that's grown locally, those are the bees who carry those allergens you're exposed to everyday," said DiMuzio.

According to Dimuzio, although there aren't any medical studies that indicate how much honey to take, many people eat a teaspoon a day.

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