Billionaire heir charged with sex abuse

RACINE, WI (CNN) – An heir to the billionaire S. C. Johnson fortune has been charged with sexual abuse of a child.

According to police, Samuel "Curtis" Johnson, the son of Sam Johnson, had inappropriate contact with a teenage girl over a three-year period.

"This is a personal matter for Curt Johnson. It has absolutely no bearing on S. C. Johnson," said Johnson spokeswoman Kelly Semrau.

Semrau said his brother Fisk, who runs S. C. Johnson, is devastated and also states Curtis Johnson has not worked for the family company in over a decade.

Curtis Johnson was the chairman of the board at one of Johnson's other companies, Diversey, until he resigned for "Personal" reasons in February.

Johnson is scheduled to appear in court on Friday.

Bail is set at $500,000.

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