'Most Wanted' suspect turns himself in at police station

CHARLESTON, SC - A man wanted by Charleston Police for drug trafficking turned himself in to police Thursday morning, one week after airing on Live 5 News 'Most Wanted'.

Costen, 27, was wanted on seven cocaine and marijuana charges and one stolen gun charge. Investigators say Costen has been selling drugs in the Poplar St. area in the upper peninsula.

Authorities say Costen's alleged drug dealing has a ripple effect throughout the community.

"Not only do you have dealers, but you also have the users out there," Bowie explained. "The problem with users is that they have to get a money supply from somewhere, that's where all your break ins and your burglaries and some of your armed robberies and incidents like that come from."

Police say they had conversations with Costen through a third party and several times he said he would turn himself in.

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