Cannon, Spring St. 2-lane conversion put on hold for Crosstown work

For the last three years, Sugar Bake Shop Owner Bill Bowick has enjoyed living and working on Cannon Street.

He says life could be even sweeter for businesses in the area if the two-way conversion project of Cannon and Spring Streets could get underway.

"We're just anxious to make it happen," Bowick said. "We want to make sure it moves forward because it affects our business."

He hopes that the two-way conversion will slow down the traffic going through the area and bring back the residential charm.

"We really feel like making it a two-way would weave our neighborhood and make it more of a community instead of a just a highway," Bowick said.

Paul Stoney with the Cannon Street YMCA says although two-way traffic could be a plus for businesses it may be dangerous for the kids at his center.

He hopes safety measures will also be put into place along with the conversion.

"It's a wonderful residential community and I think the businesses would like the additional traffic but I believe lowering the speed limit and flashing lights would be a consideration for safety.

The two way project has been talked about for several years and District 3 council member James Lewis Jr. says the money is in place and the push is to get it done.

He says the City wants to hold off on starting the work until construction is completed on the nearby Crosstown Expressway.

Don Brown with the Department of Transportation says businesses and residents can expect the two lane conversion to start in July or August 2012 and will take less than eight months to complete.

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