Ethan Mack to appear in court Friday

Ethan Mack is scheduled to appear in court on Friday in the murder of Kate Waring.

The Charleston County Solicitor's Office has not released the reason for Mack's court appearance.

A jury could not reach a unanimous verdict during Mack's murder trial for Waring's death last October, therefore the judge declared a mistrial. The solicitor's office has said it would retry Mack for murder in April.

Jurors did find Mack guilty on obstruction of justice and forgery charges last summer and he was sentenced to 10 years in prison on the obstruction charge, and five years on the forgery charge.

Mack will appear before Judge Deadra Jefferson at 10 a.m. Friday.

Heather Kamp, Mack's co-defendant, pled guilty earlier this month, but mentally ill, on a murder charge in connection with the killing of Waring. Kamp, 31, plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter and other charges back in August in connection with Waring's death, but the deal was taken off the table after authorities said she lied.

Kamp testified during Mack's trial, explaining how she met Waring and how she was killed. Waring, 28, vanished on June 12, 2009 after she went to a West Ashley gym, a CVS pharmacy and a Japanese steak house. Surveillance video captured her at the George Street pharmacy at around 8 p.m.

Four days after Waring went missing, Mack and Kamp told investigators at around 11:45 p.m. They had dropped off Waring at her Murray Boulevard home in Downtown Charleston.

Kamp testified during Mack's trial that Waring introduced her to Mack and that the two quickly fell in love. Kamp said Mack got tired of Waring tagging along all the time and on June 12, 2009, Kamp said she and Mack killed Waring at their James Island apartment, tricking Waring into playing a game with her suitcase.

Kamp said they then used a stun gun, hit her over the head with a wine bottle and then put her unconscious body in the bathtub to drown.

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