Massive oak nearly crushes woman and two Chihuahuas

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - It was the scare of a lifetime for a Savannah woman on Monday when a massive oak tree came right down on her Waters Avenue house.

One second Terry Bolick says she was watching television with her two dogs and then she heard a bang.

"The house started shaking and it continued to be a loud bang, bang, bang," Bolick said.

Bolick said she jumped out of bed and ran onto the porch to see what was going on.

"I saw her and I yelled for her to go inside and go out the back door. As soon as she turned to go back inside the tree crashed down. It crashed right through the front of her house," Chatham County Sheriff's Deputy Warren Blanton said.

Blanton happened to be driving by the home when he noticed a telephone pole rocking back and forth.

"At first I expected to find an accident. Instead I found this tree leaning over the house," Deputy Blanton said.

Bolick says the deputy saved her life.

"If he hadn't yelled at me, I would have probably been standing there while it was falling," she said.

The house was severely damaged, but Bolick says she is just thankful she and the dogs made it out.

"I'm alive. My dogs are alive. Houses can come and go but people are what really matters," she said.

Bolick suspects the 200-year-old oak was hollow and snapped because of the rain.

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