Burglary suspect gets his head stuck under SUV

By Lynda Figueredo - bioemail

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A Savannah burglary suspect couldn't escape a tight squeeze early Tuesday morning. The suspect got caught between an SUV and a hard place.

It all started like a typical burglary. A suspect was caught on camera at about 3:30 a.m. Tuesday trying to break into a pawn shop, according to police.

"The gentleman that just crouched around the corner slowly is about to hit our camera up,so we can't see anything," said The Gold Rush Pawn Shop II employee Bryan Skrine.

What unfolds next has everyone talking.

According to the police report, a nearby resident reported hearing a loud drilling noise coming from the pawn shop on Montgomery Street. When police arrived they found 22-year-old James Pryor running way, after he tried to drill through the concrete wall.

"It's not the normal go through the window [and] try to get through the locks," said Skrine. "Drilling through concrete is a different way to do it."

Police chased Pryor from the back of the pawn shop to the nearby trailers. The pursuit ended after Pryor got his head stuck between the muffler and the drive shaft.

Police found Pryor with his feet dangling out from under a Ford Explorer, wiggling trying to get free.

"They were telling him to stop moving," said resident Justin Banks. "One officer told him if he moved his hand one more time, they would Tase him."

According the police report, Pryor told police, "I know I did wrong, but I promise I can't move, my head is really stuck, just help me."

"Personally, I think it is very amusing," said Skrine. "He was stuck and had to wait for the fire department to get him out. I think it served him right.

Once the fire department arrived, police say Pryor tried to act as though he was having a seizure, but an EMS worker at the scene said he was just freaking out because his head was stuck, and he knew he was going to jail.

"A criminal with his head stuck under an suv is definitely the talk of the town," said Skrine.

It's an image this neighborhood will not soon forget. Pryor faces multiple charges including burglary, possesion of tools for the commission of a crime and criminal trespass.

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