Bridge Run crowds are welcome sight for local businesses

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Downtown Charleston is a madhouse. If you aren't stuck in traffic on the roadway, you're standing in a crowd on the sidewalk. But the sight of so many people has many local businesses salivating.

"Bridge Run day is the busiest day we have the entire year," says general manager of Pearlz Oyster Bar Tim Klinefelter.

The restaurant manager says he's got all hands on deck for the volume of people Charleston is expecting to see. He says Saturday will be exhausting but for his restaurant it's a game changer.

"After the bridge run it's all about beer and drinks and fried food," says Klinefelter. "Normally on a Saturday we sell maybe like 250 oyster shooters on Bridge Run day we sell like 655."

40,889 runners are signed up for the Cooper River Bridge Run. That's one of the reasons Klinefelter is opening the doors of his oyster bar four hours early.

"When they're done running the bridge run they're ready to eat, so, you definitely want to have food for them and a place to sit down."

But until then Charleston is standing room only.

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