World's largest pump transported from North Charleston to Japan

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A 190,000 pound concrete pump was transported from a company in North Charleston to Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport Monday morning where it will be sent to aid Japan's nuclear reactors.

A Germany-based corporation, Putzmeister, decided to donate the pumps that were originally made to lay concrete for bridges and high-rise buildings.

"When we saw the fires, and tragedy going on Japan, we realized some of our equipment would help them," said Dave Adams, CEO of Putzmeister Incorporated.

The pumps were converted from spraying concrete to sea water.  The pumps, which are almost as long as a football field, will spray water onto hotspots in the nuclear reactors.

The pumps were already bought by a company in Georgia, but Adams made the decision to buy them back so they could be sent to Japan.  He promised to replace the pumps within six weeks.

Superior Transportation in North Charleston already had a relationship with the corporation.  They were chosen to house the pump for several days then reassemble it before transporting the pump to the airport Monday morning.

"Putzmeister had worked with us before. They knew what resources we had and that we would be able to do the job as quickly as possible," said Pat Barber with Superior Transportation.

The pump will be sent out from Atlanta this weekend to Japan with a team of technicians who will train operators on how to use them.

The pump is considered the largest in the world. There are only two others like it in the world. One of those pumps is in California and will also be shipped to help the efforts in Japan this week.

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