Police: Father and son stop thieves from stealing scrap metal

Tejay Donnell Glover and Jumall L. Smalls
Tejay Donnell Glover and Jumall L. Smalls

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The North Charleston Police Department say two men who attempted to steal scrap metal from a trailer were stopped by a father and son early Tuesday morning.

When officers arrived on Pullman Street, they observed two men being detained at gunpoint by a father and son. Authorities charged 21-year-old Jumall L. Smalls and Tejay Donnell Glover, 22, with petit larceny of scrap metal.

It all started when a 27-year-old men saw a vehicle drive down a dead end street and not come back out.

Police say the man then woke his father and both looked outside and saw the suspect's vehicle beside a trailer that had several containers of aluminum scrap metal.

According to a police report, the father and son saw the suspects remove a plastic gallon container from the trailer and attempted to place it in their vehicle.

The father then approached the suspects and the duo were detained at gunpoint by the father and son.

The following are excerpts from the 911 call:

Operator: 911, do you need police, fire or EMS?

Caller: Uh, I need a police officer at 5639 Pulliam Street.

Operator: Okay, tell me exactly what happened.

Caller: Uh, my father that owned the property I'm sittin' on, and we're also the law, we got two men that we just caught trying to steal our property. Steal stuff off our property.

Operator: Okay. Are you on scene now?

Caller: Yes ma'am.

Operator: All right, we're getting help on the way, I just need to get some information from you, okay.

Caller: Yep.

Operator: Were weapons involved or mentioned?

Caller: No ma'am.

Operator: And where are the suspects responsible now?

Caller: Uh, my father's got 'em, (pause) I don't know what you'd call it, uh, with their hands on the car.

Operator: Okay, are you, are you in immediate danger?

Caller: No.

Operator: All right, tell me if you feel unsafe at any time. Is anyone else in immediate danger?

Caller: Not that I can see right this minute, ma'am.

Operator: I need to get the suspects' descriptions, what race were they?

Caller: Uh, they're two black dudes.

Operator: And what are they wearing?

Caller: Black, black hoodies.

Operator: Did they arrive in any vehicle?

Caller: They arrived in a white Marquis. Uh, I think it's a Mercury Grand Marquis or a Crown Vic, one of the two.

Operator: And where is the vehicle now?

Caller: Sittin' in my yard, pretty much.

Operator: Okay.

Operator: All right, and what was taken?

Caller: Well, they didn't take anything. We got to 'em before they took anything, pretty much.

Operator: All right, do not disturb anything at the scene, including any weapons, tools or objects found nearby.

Caller: Mmhmm.

Operator: And we'll have an officer dispatched as soon as possible.

Caller: Mmhmm.

Operator: Call if anything changes or if you have any further information, okay.

Caller: Thank you.

Operator: You're welcome.

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