Consolidated Dispatchers Board recognize 911 dispatchers

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Police and fire chiefs from all over the county came together to recognize some "unsung heroes."

The people receiving awards don't carry guns or drive ambulances. They answer all the 911 calls in the county.

"The job is stressful. If it weren't for the weeks of training I wouldn't be able to do it," said Britni Keffer, recipient of the Call Taker of the Year award.

Keffer is 21-years-old and has only worked as a call taker for nine months. A 911 call she received a few months ago regarding a domestic dispute showed she could handle a high pressure situation.

"It shows she has raw talent. It takes workers a long time to be able to handle that, but Britni did it right off the cuff," said Chief Jon Zumalt.

Keffer is already training new employees in answering 911 calls.

The winners at the event were:

Nicole Williams - Charleston City Police

Aaliyah Rivers - Charleston City Police

Angelia Corbin - Mt. Pleasant Police

Cheryl Brown - Mt. Pleasant Police

Lifesaving Award - Miriam Cousino

Call Taker of Year - Britni Keffer

Fire Dispatcher of the Year - Debra Gilliard

Law Dispatcher of the Year - April Grant

Medical dispatcher of the year - Billy Ferguson

Shift Supervisor - Mike Stanley

CTO - Craig Nettles

Attendance - Melissa Inman

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