Behind the scenes look at B-25 plane featured at Air Expo

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A World War II B-25 will be among many featured planes at this year's Air Expo show.

"It was built in the 1940's, famous for the Doolittle Raid when they launched from the Hornet after Pearl Harbor and Bombed Tokyo," said Lynn May for the Disabled American Veterans organization.

The B-25 was one of the most versatile planes in World War II carrying thirteen 50 caliber guns and up to 3,000 pounds of bombs.

During World War II, young soldiers spent hours in the tight quarters listening to the blaring hum of the engine.

"You think about all the young men, 19, 20, 21 years old leaving home for the first time, half way around the world, a lot of boys turned into men," said Disabled American Veterans pilot Larry Kelly.

The Disabled American Veterans organization flies the B-25 all over the U.S. in hopes of raising awareness about veterans.

Kelly, pilot of the Panchito, says he teamed up with DAV seven years ago to make sure veterans knew they had somewhere to turn. Kelly says he'll continue to fly for the vets and swap stories with men who have been in the pilot seat before.

"If I'm at an air show and I see a man in his late 80's staring at the plane, I go up to him and ask,'What was your crew position?'" Kelly says.

The Panchito can be seen at Saturday's air show. There will be a booth set up and if you're a veteran, make sure to stop by and sign a World War II bomb shell.

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