Lexington boy gets tear-jerking surprise at school

By Brandi Cummings - bio | email

LEXINGTON, SC (WIS) - A little boy got a big surprise Thursday. His dad surprised him in class. The father returned home after serving a year overseas.

It's the type of story that tugs at your heart strings. A father returning home from Afghanistan made a stop at his son's school to surprise him.

Now other children at Carolina Springs Elementary in Lexington have quite a story to tell their parents.

It was a typical day in the second grade class at Carolina Springs Elementary School in Lexington. The children were tending to their studies and were unaware of the surprise plan about to be revealed. Assistant Principal Jan Flynn helped coordinate. "We got the call the other day from Jason's mom to try to put this together," said Flynn, "So we arranged for this to happen, and it worked."

Jason Summers sat in class unaware that his dad had even landed home. Then there was tap on the back from a classmate, and the day quickly became one of the best days of the little boy's life.

After a year away, a father got to hold his son again. "It was nice," said Specialist Jeff Summers, "It was nice. I thought about it the whole 30 hour plane ride."

Flynn said scenes like this are special to her since there are several other military families at the school. "We remember that a lot and mention it every time we can," said Flynn, "And we're thankful for what they're doing for us over there."

Specialist Jeff Summers is happy to be home from Afghanistan with his family and hopes it will be a reminder to all about those who serve. "Just a reminder everyday, just look on the news to see what people don't have and remember what you do have," said Specialist Summers.

Specialist Summers is home for a year. Then he may have to deploy again.

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