Puppy heist suspects caught on camera

(Photo: WESH/CNN)
(Photo: WESH/CNN)

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FL (WESH/CNN) - Two people broke into a Florida Humane Society earlier this week, apparently to steal their own poodle. The entire incident was caught on tape.

"They used a crow bar to break a lock, took an animal out which had been put in there for safe keeping by New Smyrna Beach Police Department," said New Smryna Beach Humane Society Director David Fox.

The police department picked up the stray Monday night and as is policy, brought the dog to the humane shelter and locked the animal in a cage to be retrieved by workers the next morning.

When workers came in, they found that cameras captured two perpetrators showing up at the pound, apparently with intent on pilfering the dog to avoid paying a $43 fee.

"If he had come to us during normal business hours and said, 'Look, I can't afford the money. Is there anything we can do if I make a small donation, if I make a $10 donation?' Then we would have waived the fee," Fox said.

According to WESH, the thief could face charges if he is identified, however, humane society officials said they would be willing to drop the charges if the man comes forward.

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