Rower and bicyclist save victims of sinking car

(Photo: KYW/CNN)
(Photo: KYW/CNN)

PHILADELPHIA (KYW/CNN) - Two Good Samaritans, one in a row boat, jumped into action to help the driver and passenger of a car that spun out of control and into a river.

Rescuer Chris Defelice heard the screeching tires and saw the crash into the Schulkill River.

"I turn around and I see this car kinda spun out of control going backwards down toward the river, and just goes right into the river," he said.

Defelice saw it all happen from his single-seat boat, which he said was about 300 feet from the sinking car.

He was the closest one to help.

"I saw that the window was open, and I saw a head in there, and I saw a kid. And I was just like, hey, are you all right in there are you going to be all right. And he was just like 'we can't swim in here.'"

Defelice jumped into the frigid water to rescue one man and called for help to rescue the other.

A passing bicyclist jumped in.

"He just as well went right in and helped out as well, no hesitation," Defelice said.

The entire rescue only lasted a few moments, and Defelice said it was the right thing to do.

"I'm just glad I was there to help out, everyone keeps telling me 'Congratulations,'" he said.

An hour and a half after the crash, rescue teams pulled the car from the water, 15 feet under the surface.

The driver and his passenger were rushed to the hospital, but police said neither was seriously injured.

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