Fake student steals from schools

(Photo: WDIV/CNN)
(Photo: WDIV/CNN)

WYANDOTTE, MI (WDIV/CNN) - Police are looking for a Michigan man who they say posed as a high school student to steal cash and electronics from schools.

Police in Melvindale, MI say a security camera at Melvindale High School captured a photo of a man on March 16. The man looks like a student, but really was a thief.

Two days later, Police in Wyandotte, MI, say security cameras captured the same man wandering Roosevelt High School during winter break, filling bags with cash from offices, electronics and other expensive items.

"It's like he's blending right in," said Wyandotte Police Det. Dave Taft. "And he is dressing like a normal student would, and he is very casual as he's walking through the school."

A teacher came in contact with him inside of her classroom at Melvindale High School.

"She confronted him, asked him what he was doing, said he was looking for paper," Taft said. "She gave him some paper and he left."

Taft said the teacher had no idea he was a criminal that was looking to steal.

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