Army Wives, Carolina Film Alliance push legislature for film incentives

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Carolina Film Alliance is trying to make its mark on the state legislature by asking lawmakers to have more permanent tax rebates for the film industry.

The group says the Palmetto State's film industry could bring in as much money as tourism does.

The state has a competitive rebate incentive for film industries, but the problem is they're only guaranteed for one fiscal year.

Some people with the Carolina Film Alliance say big time production companies like Disney and Sony need incentives on a long-term basis.

"Producers planning projects don't plan in six- and eight-month projects," said Ken French with the Carolina Film Alliance. "They work in two- to three-year time frames and they need to know what the rebate packages are."

Actors on Army Wives say more long term incentives could help South Carolina attract more film industries, which means more money in communities.

"It's expensive to shoot out in L.A., so they're going to go to the states where the incentives are better," said actor Sterling Brown.

Shoots for the show Army Wives last anywhere from four to seven months.

Money spent by production crews, actors and extras, all goes back in local businesses.

"We look at grocery stores, florists, dry cleaners, gas stations that are making money from the fact that we're in town." Said actor Terry Serpico.

Until legislation is passed, the Carolina Film Alliance says they'll continue to educate state legislature on the impact of the film industry.

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