Survivor prayed to God, escaped through doors that were locked before

Craig Robinson
Craig Robinson

ST. STEPHEN, SC (WCSC) - Craig Robinson said he was doing his normal routine of cleaning up the Refuge Temple for Sunday worship, when he began to hear wind which came from a tornado that would eventually destroy the St. Stephen church.

"I was working my way back from the sanctuary and I noticed the rain was coming down," Robinson said. "I moved up front to the door and I noticed that the whole roof had collapsed. I went down on my knees and asked the lord to have mercy."

The tornado destroyed the church but left a small piece of the front entrance intact where Robinson says he was able to get out.

"When it was all over, I just stood up and noticed that the front door was opened up," Robinson said."The lord just opened up the front door for me, because I usually have it locked. So I just walked out and looked around and said,'Wow.'"

When church members were asked about the destroyed church, they said it was not a disaster but a blessing.

"Some folks might say that,'Oh you are all so lucky,'"said one church member."But instantly I thought of how blessed we were."

Robinson said of the church,"It looks bad. But I thank God he brought me through it. We can always get another building."

Church members say they will help with the clean up for as long as it takes and eventually, they plan to re-build.

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