Police: Intoxicated woman kicks officer in the chest, leg

Tiffany Angelae Zanetell (Mugshot provided by Goose Creek Police Department)
Tiffany Angelae Zanetell (Mugshot provided by Goose Creek Police Department)

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - A 21-year-old Mississippi woman who was arrested in Goose Creek for driving under the influence is accused of kicking an officer in the chest and leg.

The Goose Creek Police Department charged Tiffany Angelae Zanetell with assaulting a police officer, driving under the influence and resisting arrest. Police say they had stopped Zanetell's car after observing her car swerving near the Goose Creek city limits on Highway 52 early Sunday morning.

When the officer asked for her driver's license, authorities say Zanetell's movements were sluggish, her speech was slurred and she seemed to be confused. The officer said he could smell alcohol from the woman who was attempting to mask the odor by chewing gum.

The woman said she had only one or two beers in Moncks Corner and that she was traveling to her friend's house in North Charleston.  After conducting sobriety tests, the officer said he determined that the driver was impaired and arrested the woman for driving under the influence.

According to authorities, as the officer began to tell Zanetell her Miranda rights, she became hysterical and began hyperventilating. Zanetell then refused to stand upright and laid her upper torso on the hood of the car with her face against the hood, police say.

As emergency and law enforcement officials attempted to help Zanetell, she began to cry hysterically and swear at officers and EMS technicians. When Zanetell was placed in the back seat of the patrol car, she refused to be assisted and demanded her lawyer be present, officers say.

Authorities say as emergency officials were talking about the situation, Zanetell left the vehicle and attempted to walk away from the scene. Officers were able to get Zanetell back in the car, but once she was placed back in the car, she began to kick the windows and the cage while screaming and crying at anyone that approached, a police report states.

Officers say they then proceeded to put leg irons on her and during the struggle, Zanetell kicked one of the officers in the upper right thigh and chest. Officers say they were able to restrain her and put a seat belt on her.

According to investigators, the woman then managed to partially remove her right hand from the handcuff and began flailing around.

Authorities say they secured her again and this time the woman began slamming her head into the patrol vehicle divider which cut her head. The woman then again refused help, so officers say they brought her to Trident Medical Center for treatment.

She was then locked up at the Berkeley County Detention Center.

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