SCE&G sends appeal for coal ash landfill

SCE&G officials say they have sent an appeal to the Colleton County Court of Common Pleas regarding a coal ash landfill in Walterboro.

A spokesman for SCE&G says that the appeal was sent on April 7 and the reason for the appeal is that the organization says that they feel that they have met all the criteria for a special exception.

The organization wants a zoning exception to put in a 15 story dump site in a rural part of the county.

In February, the Colleton County Zoning Board denied SCE&G's landfill proposal. The zoning board vote was a tie with two voting yes and two members voting no.

The zoning board said at the time it was the most difficult decision to make before deciding not to pass the landfill. During the meeting, the board was given a petition signed by 944 Colleton County residents against the coal ash landfill.

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