Council votes no on I-526 project despite $12 million already spent

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Those against the Interstate 526 expansion have spoken and the Charleston County Council has heard them.

The council voted to put the brakes on the I-526 completion project during Tuesday night's meeting.

"We have just spent $12 million of the tax payers money," said County Council Chairman Teddie Pryor.

Council member Collen Condon says it was all a decision based on what the people she serves wanted.

"The council looked at the fact that people don't want a parkway or expressway we are asking to just fix our road or leave us alone and hopefully that message will soon get through to everybody,"Condon said.

Vice Chairman Elliot Summey said it was a sad day for the council

He says in this economic climate a waste of money could weigh on the county and could set a negative tone in the future to get money from the state infrastructure bank towards other road projects.

"The SID is a bank and I don't think they are going to look to kindly upon any applications that come into Charleston County anymore," Summey said.

Summey says coming up with the millions of dollars spent is also a big question that stands to be answered.

"There are consequences to actions and repercussions and five members of the county council did not care what the repercussions were," Summey said.

Summey says paying the money owed to the state could come at the cost of having to stop existing road projects already underway.

"We have to listen to what the public wants and we have to listen to what the people want," Summey said.

Summey and others are hoping that it will not mean the county will have to lay off employees to make up the money.

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