Kids on Folly Beach re-enact gulf oil spill

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - Children from local schools and members of Oceana re-enacted the Gulf oil spill on Folly Beach Wednesday to remind others about the dangers of off-shore drilling.

"If it happened in the Gulf, it could happen here," says Angela Lyon, a local high school senior.

People wore bio-hazard suits, "fake" oil and even cleaned stuffed animals to show effects of what people in the Gulf had to go through.

"We really just want to get people talking. Make them ask questions," Lyon said.

"If a man-made disaster like an oil spill happened here, I'm not certain we would be prepared for it," said Laura Beck, Mayor-pro-tem of Folly Beach.

Beck said man-made disasters are much different and harder to deal with than natural disasters.

She said the reason being because with natural disasters, like a hurricane, you kind of know what to expect.

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