Mt. Pleasant looks into moving town hall

The current Mt. Pleasant town hall.
The current Mt. Pleasant town hall.
The proposed future site of the Mt. Pleasant town hall.
The proposed future site of the Mt. Pleasant town hall.

According to Mt. Pleasant Town Administrator Eric Demora, the town has seen a burst of growth over the last few decades.

"At one time we were the fastest growing city in South Carolina," Demora said.

Demora says with more than 70,000 people and being the fourth largest municipality in the state, the time has come for an upgrade for the town hall.

"While it meet the needs of yesterday it may not meet the needs of our tomorrow," Demora said.

Demora says there are more than 600 employees housed in what used to be an elementary school.

Town officials are hoping to build on the property at the K-Mart site which is at intersection of Bowman Road and Highway 17.

Demora says the plus for this 13-acre site is that it offers access to both Johnnie Dodds Boulevard and Interstate 526.

"It fit many criteria it is centrally located as we continue to grow more on the North end of town and it brings Town Hall closer to all the citizens of the community," Demora said.

Deomra says the current facility is very fragmented and disjointed.

"If a citizen comes in to do something its very difficult to get around," he said.

Demora says it will be up to the town council to decide what is next and how the town hall project would be funded.

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