SC planning to use same drug in upcoming execution

Jeffery Motts (SC Department of Corrections)
Jeffery Motts (SC Department of Corrections)

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - South Carolina officials say they have not decided to change their execution sedative when the state puts an inmate to death next month.

Corrections Department spokesman John Barkley said Thursday the state has purchased an alternative drug but has plenty of sodium thiopental on hand for the May 6 execution of Jeffrey Motts.

Authorities say Motts was serving two life sentences for killing his great-aunt and her husband when he attacked and killed his cellmate in 2005.

An Associated Press survey finds that 10 death penalty states have switched to pentobarbital or are considering a switch as part of their three-drug methods. The replacement drug's manufacturer argues against its use in capital punishment and some European countries are pushing export bans for such drugs.

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