Online wedding crashers prey on royal wedding curiosity

ENGLAND (WMBF) - Online wedding crashers looking to put a damper on the April 29 wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton are taking their scams from your inbox to your favorite search engines.

Security experts from Norton have recently found poisoned website links appearing on popular search engines like Google. The sites, infected with malware, are giving cyber criminals an open door to tap into personal information saved on your computer.

Common information stolen, experts say, include credit card information, bank account numbers and passwords.

Norton says when phrases like "royal wedding ceremony details" or "royal wedding time" were entered into search engines, that's when the malware-infected websites appeared. Norton says 22 of the top 100 search results for "royal wedding gown sketches" were poisoned with malware.

To avoid being a target of a cyber criminal looking to prey on your curiosity leading up to the Royal Wedding, Grand Strand computer experts have one big piece of advice.

"Go to reputable news websites and get links from there," Robin Conant, of Horry-Georgetown Technical College, said. "There's not a lot of ways otherwise that you can tell, but to really keep your machine up to date. Make sure you have anti-virus software."

Conant also suggests to think before you click on any royal wedding news. She says to beware of emails or links that promise linked information or photos.

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