Veterans get training on return to civilian life

Members of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs were at Hunter Army Airfield making sure service men and women are being given every opportunity to successfully transition back to civilian life after serving their country.

Officials are touring military bases across the southeast to check up on the Army Career and Alumni Program. The program was designed to provide counseling and employment assistance to soldiers and their families.

Many of the service members we spoke to say this program helps them transistion to a new language and essentially a new lifestyle.

"A lot of the skills I learned here, my terminology and everything is totally different than what the civilians use. So it kind of helps me understand that a lot of the stuff that I say is not really good for the civilian life, and how I write my resume, since I haven't done one in a long time. [It] kind of helped me out with that and how to do the interviews since I haven't done an interview in over a decade," said Sgt. Michael Andrasco.

"I, too, am a retiree, a veteran and a disabled veteran. I retired in 1998. This program was enforced prior to that date and it was very helpful to me and my wife as well, in finding employment and in taking advantage of the opportunities and services, that without these programs, we would not had knowledge of," said Military Sevice coordinator Richard Banks.

Officials say one of the main topics in these classes is the G.I. Bill.

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