Company invents advanced $6,400 toilet

SHEBOYGAN FALLS, NY (WLUK/CNN) – Kohler has invented what they call the most advanced toilet known to man, and it sells for $6,400.

Five years in the making, the motion sensors for Kohler's new toilet also helps out guys, just in case they miss a step, with censors that will raise the toilet seat, hands free.

Not only is everything motion censored, it comes with a remote control, allowing you the open and close the toilet.

The technology includes a built-in personalized bidet with adjustable water pressure, temperature and spray position. The toilet also has a deodorizer and an adjustable heated seat.

Numi's flush will be about half the noise of a standard toilet.

The Numi will be able to play music with a built-in FM radio and can hook up to mp3 players.

If you spend more than 60 seconds on it, the mount of flushing water increase both levels are less than average.

With a $6,390 price tag, some consumers might have cold feet, and if they do the toilet also offers a foot warmer.

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